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​​SEOR (SEOR) IDO Whitelist

Whitelist is open until 13:59 (UTC) on January 10

 IDO dates: Starter - 16:00 (UTC) January 12, Synapse network - 09:00 (UTC) January 13, TrustPad - 16:00 (UTC) January 14

 Reward for early supporters: to reward early supporters SEOR has added to the Whitelist addresses that are winners of the Ropsten test network and the Polygon test network.

 You need to like, retweet and comment on SEOR, including retweeting and liking a tweet about Whitelist. More activity - more points - more chance of getting on Whitelist.

 Our partners at SEOR are entering a new stage of project development.

 The SEOR Network is an independent Oracle system that can provide a single, common off-chain data protocol for various blockchain systems. and provide the necessary accurate data for various Dapps applications such as DeFi, Games and Tools. The system will also be able to provide the necessary accurate data for various Dapps such as DeFi, Game and Tools.

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