Octopus Crypto Capital

The world’s first DeAM (Decentralized Asset Management) ecosystem
Octopus Crypto Capital
Octopus Crypto Capital (ОСС) - is a project in the field of decentralized finance, built on the basis of Ethereum Blockchain.

Octopus Crypto Capital is a management authority of Octopus Crypto Fund (OCF) - public, transparent, flexible, diversified investment product – a pool of crypto assets funds.

Octopus Football

The pool funds are invested in the Sorare blockchain game market

Octopus Classic

The most classic pool. Short and medium-term trades in classic tokens and coins.

Octopus F1

Pull invets in blockchain games on F1 Delta Time market
Investments and trading on the WAX blockchain

Octopus WAX

The pool has two lines of business - investing in tokens at the presale stages and farming.

Octopus Longterm

How to invest
The game is centered around collecting and trading unique cars, drivers and components. F1® Delta Time consists of two main game modes — collection and competitive racing. The game is built around the principle of play and earn. Additional passive earnings are provided by NFTs of various types of rarity and purpose placed in the stacking pool. The Octopus F1 pool in a modern format manages F1® Delta Time assets and successfully participates in the entire project ecosystem including competitive racing for prizes and high rewards. Our knowledge of the aftermarket and the mechanics of the game allows us to successfully trade the market with high margin returns and provide stable capital growth for our clients.

ОСС – Team Token

For the purpose of financing the creation of the main product OCC issues ERC20 token, which will be distributed both among first investors and among the team members as a bonus system.
The total emission is 20 000 000 OCC tokens. 60% (12 000 000 OCC) is reserved for team rewards and is blocked for at least 1 year. 40% (8 000 000 OCC) is offered to investors to participate in the management team in several stages.
15% (3 000 000 OCC) is offered to investors at the price of USD 1 per 100 OCC. The distribution period is from October 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020.
Stages of purchase
15% (3 000 000 OCC) will be offered to investors at a price not lower than USD 5 per 100 OCC. The terms of placement will be announced later, but not earlier than March 21, 2021.
At all stages of placement of OCC tokens the minimum number of purchased tokens may not be less than 30 000 OCC (at stage 1 it will be 300 USD)
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Profitability of investment instruments for 1H 2017
Our Partners
How can I invest in your pools and tokens?
You can invest in our products and tokens through our CEO in Telegram - @OctopusCC_Finansist.
Where can I ask a question?
There are several ways to get in touch with the project team. To write in the official chat of our project - t.me/OctopusCC_Eng, write to e-mail - [email protected] or fill out the feedback form on the website.
What are the terms of capital management in Octopus Crypto Capital investment pools?
Firstly, we take 20% of profit every month. Secondly, a penalty in case of early withdrawal of funds earlier than 6 months, up to 15% of the withdrawal amount.
Is it possible to trade OCC tokens on the exchange?
We are actively working on funding rounds. As soon as they are completed, the token will be posted on cryptocurrency exchanges.