Project news

Octopus Dividends Beta Pool Launch

My friends, today we decided to announce a new mini-pool that is a prototype of the full Octopus Dividends pool that we are going to launch towards the end of the year.

What will the pool do?

The pool will be investing exclusively in R-Planet project elements on WAX platform.

What are the terms of participation in the pool?

You will be able to attract investments for 6 months until January 1, 2022. Minimum amount to be invested is $1000 in WAX or USDT token. Dividends will be paid every 3 months. Investments are linked to the WAX token, in the same it will be paid dividends, which can be reinvested at will. Our commission is 10% of profit per month. You may join the pool until July 1. Important: migration from other pools to this one is not yet possible.

What yields are expected?

We expect a yield of 10% per month.

At this point we have already attracted about $4500 to the pool. You can invest by writing to the CEO of the project or pool manager - @OctopusCC_Finansist or @Buffetmania