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Important change in the Octopus Crypto Fund pools structure

Friends, on February 10th an important change in the Octopus Crypto Fund pools structure will happen.

Octopus Midterm and Octopus Trading pools will be merged into Octopus Classic. This decision is primarily due to the fact that in practice their strategies are very similar. We do not want to divide our customers in such cases.

We want to say right away that we will not charge any additional commissions to the clients of the aforementioned pools. The merger will go without any losses for your investments. Lock period will not be zeroed.Your investments and assets will be displayed in @Octopus_VC_bot based on their current market value.

Profits you've already made from investments in the pool will be included in your investment base. Let's say you invested $100 in Octopus Midterm and got +61% return. Now your investment base will be $161, and you will earn income on this exact amount.

If you still have questions, you can ask CEO of the project - @OctopusCC_Finansist.