Project news

Blocks (BLOCKS) Priority IKO

Price: $0.2
Vesting: 15% on TGE, then 5 months linear
Last day to stack: 3:00 (UTC) August 7
Date: 9:00 (UTC) August 7
Dues goal: $200,000

Metafity is an open space for dating and creativity that is easy for anyone to enter. Metafity offers a unique platform for user interaction. Dating platforms are very popular, they take the service to the next level. The blockchain-based service is useful for customers and artists alike, as NFTs are the objects of commerce in the Metafinity, your unique personal image in the Metafinity and the gamification of online dating.

A project with a fairly quick vesting. Given that IKO won't be until August, when market conditions may improve a lot, it's worth preparing for it.

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