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Very good news for Octopus Football

Remember what happened to Bitcoin after Grayscale started advertising it? If not, we'll remind you. After that massive advertising campaign, Bitcoin's price went up almost 470%.

It is very likely that a similar bullish rally will happen soon in Sorare's NFT market. The developers have started very actively advertising their platform. If you google "NFT" right now, the first thing the search engine will give you is a link to Sorare. Moreover, Sorare is also advertised during Spanish LaLiga soccer matches.

To disperse prices in Sorare's rather narrow NFT market would not even be possible for the largest number of new customers of the platform. So now is probably the perfect time to start investing in the Sorare market. The most effective way to do this is through our Octopus Football pool. The manager of the pool is sure not to miss price increases and can earn profits for you, because he did so even in a stagnant market. You can invest in the pool through our bot - @Octopus_VC_bot