Project news

​We are launching Octopus Longterm 2 pool!

We decided to continue our development in the venture capital direction! Now more and more money is coming into this sector and long-term investments in it are a very rational idea.

As a reminder, our Octopus Longterm pool, assembled for the year 2021, now brings +93% to the original investment. This is a great figure, especially when you consider the negative dynamics of Bitcoin (-30%) over the past year.

The term of the pool is 3 years.
The pool will be tokenized by September. You will be able to sell your share at any time to an interested person.
Our commission is 20% of the profit.

Crypto venture capital investments remain a safe haven in our challenging times. If you have $500 or more, we invite you to invest in our new pool. Write here - @OctopusCC_Finansist.

You can discuss the pool in our Discord -!