Project news

New partner Octopus Crypto Capital

Friends, we are pleased to announce the launch of the official partnership with NFT marketplace Open Bi Sea. CEO of the projects will give their comments on further cooperation.

@OctopusCC_Finansist, CEO of Octopus Crypto Capital

Friends, today we announce our partnership with Open Bi Sea. We already had a chance to work with OBS, acting as a lead manager during seed rounds of the project, about which we wrote earlier and very successfully.

Our colleagues are organizing a very promising NFT marketplace. Open Bi Sea will introduce the so-called cross-chain operations, which is the main "chip" of their project. We believe that the future belongs to such innovative solutions, so in the future we will actively develop cooperation with the project. We plan to become one of the largest participants of the platform, and Open Bi Sea with its cross-chain operations will greatly simplify the work of Octopus Crypto Capital pools.

@oleksiivinogradov, CEO of Open Bi Sea

Today we are announcing a partnership with our colleagues from Octopus Crypto Capital. We've already worked with OCC. They were lead manager of our project during seed rounds.

At the moment Octopus Crypto Capital is managing a line of pools with total assets of more than $0.5M and is one of the pioneering leaders in the DeAM direction. Our colleagues will become marketplace users and we will help add liquidity to Octopus Crypto Capital pools by reducing commissions by moving assets from Ethereum blockchain, where the transaction price is now off the charts, to BSC. This will be implemented with the help of Bridge Open Bi Sea.