Project news

Octopus Crypto Capital Results in January

Friends, more than a month has passed since the launch of Octopus Crypto Capital. We'd like to sum up some results.

1. We have launched three investment pools. The value of assets under our management now is almost $35,000.

2. Our Telegram bot @Octopus_VC_bot is fully operational. Now you can use it to track the yields of your investments in the OCF pools.

3. We've made several technical changes in Octopus NFT. As the result all operations with them now require way less commissions.

4. Two auctions of OCC tokens on the secondary market are successfully completed. The final price of tokens rose twice as much as the placement price.

5. Octopus Crypto Capital has got the first profit.

6. Preparing the logistics for the launch of new Octopus Crypto Fund pools. Three more pools will be launched in the near future.

7. Our activity in social networks has increased a lot. A lot of content has been published for our audience.

The next two weeks will be very important for the project. Stay tuned, there will be lots of news!