Taras Lanovyk

Chief Executive Officer

Taras is dynamic, result-oriented leader with a strong track record of performance in turnaround and high-paced organizations. Having extensive experience in the field of finance, he decided to create his own project in the cryptocurrency industry - Octopus Crypto Capital. At the moment, both in OCC and in personal portfolios that are under his management, there are more than $ 1 million of AUM. The project continues to develop actively, and now he's focused on its development.


Mark Ilyin

Octopus Longterm Pool Manager, Co-Founder, Chief Strategist

Mark successfully invests the funds of the Longterm pool in tokens at the early stages of financing. In this, he is helped by extensive experience in financial organizations and other blockchain projects.

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Maxim Yudin

PR and Content manager, co-founder

Max has many years of experience in cryptocurrency media. His enthusiasm in his work allows us to bring new clients to the Octopus Crypto Capital pools and fill our social networks with content.


Vitaly Harisov

Chief Technology Officer

Having more than 20 years of experience, almost 16 of which were spent in one of the largest IT corporations in the world - Yandex, Vitaly actively participates in the development of Octopus Crypto Capital.


Olexandr Makivskiy

The Chief Operations Officer

Olexandr manages the current affairs in the work of Octopus Crypto Capital. In managing the team and business processes, he uses many years of experience, which allows OCC to be more efficient than competitors.


Niko Yahortsev

Octopus Football Pool Manager

Niko started his career as an investor and trader in the stock market. Years later, he was able to combine his work as a trader and his passion for football on the Sorare platform. Now he is successfully earning a profit for investors of one of the Octopus Crypto Capital investment pools.

Denis Polyakov

Octopus F1 Pool Manager

Denis manages the funds of investors of one of the Octopus Crypto Capital pools - Octopus F1. He is well versed in the topic of racing and GameFi, which allows him to show excellent results in profitability.

Tim Khrypko

Communications manager

Tim has more than two years of experience in a PR-Blockchain agency. Now at Octopus Crypto Capital, he is engaged in communication with the English-speaking community and partners.

Serhii Fedoruk

Digital marketing specialist

Serhii has extensive experience in digital marketing. In particular, he promoted projects in the field of cryptocurrencies and investments. Previously, he successfully worked at Concorde Capital, Dragon Capital, 4shared.

Dmytro Chornyi

Search Engine Optimisation

Dmitry is promoting the Octopus Crypto Capital website. Good experience behind him in promoting investment and cryptocurrency projects helps him in this.